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Hey MARine! 👋 Looking for the MAR ERC20 contract addresses? We’ve got you covered! In the Logbook & Mchain Docs, we’ve compiled all the addresses you need, neatly organized by network for your convenience. Get instant access to the information!

MAR ERC20 Contract Addresses by Network​


  • Ethereum Mainnet: 0x4343D80eF5808490a079AA0907FFdC9373C7a4Dd
  • Polygon POS: 0x3Ad33b55740e4E3A7073ac32e7467bb3A566Ea8d
  • Polygon zkEVM: 0x88940E23Eaf2e7077d86a89fC0d3a69fcDF9d4C6

For more details and technical specifications, visit our MAR ERC20 Specifications page on Mchain Docs. Everything you need to know is right at your fingertips!

With ❤️, The Mchain Team

Hey Mchain Community,

We're excited to announce the release of a crucial guide now available on Mchain Docs, titled "How to Claim Your MAR ERC20 from Mchain v1 by Signing a Message."

This guide is essential for any Mchain v1 user looking to claim their MAR ERC20 tokens. It provides a comprehensive step-by-step walkthrough, from signing a message with your Mchain v1 private key to successfully claiming your tokens. Plus, it offers options for two methods and essential security tips.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get your MAR ERC20 tokens. Head to Mchain Docs now and make sure you're fully prepared.

Read the complete guide here: Sign Your Ethereum Address.


The Mchain Team

Hello Mchain Enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to introduce a vital update to the Mchain Docs: the addition of the "Distribution of MAR ERC20 Tokens" page.

Scheduled for October 1st, this pivotal event marks a stepping stone towards a prosperous future. The new page encapsulates vital information regarding the creation, distribution, and strategies implemented for the MAR ERC20 tokens.

We encourage all community members to visit this section for an in-depth understanding of the significant strides we are making.

Check out the new page here:

Distribution of MAR ERC20 Tokens.


The Mchain Team

Greetings, Mchain Marine!

We are pleased to bring you exciting news about the latest updates we have made for the MAR token launch.

Network Switch: From BSC to Ethereum​

After careful evaluation and considering the valuable opinions of our community, we have decided to change the network for the launch of our MAR token. Although it was initially planned as a BEP20 token on the BSC network, we are happy to announce that MAR will be launched as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network, allowing us to take advantage of all the benefits this network offers.

MAR ERC20 Token: A Fee-Free Experience​

We want the experience with the MAR ERC20 token to be as smooth as possible and scale up to the launch of Mchain v2. For this reason, the MAR ERC20 will be a standard token without reflection fees, facilitating transparent and direct transactions and promoting greater adoption and participation in our community.

Future Integration with BSC through a Bridge​

Following the launch of MAR ERC20, you will also enjoy the benefits of the MAR token on the BSC network. We are in the planning stages of a bridge that will allow a smooth connection between the Ethereum and BSC networks, expanding opportunities and accessibility for our community.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Updates​

We will soon share more details, including the exact launch date. We are committed to keeping our community well-informed at every step of our journey.

Thank you for being a vital member of our growing community!

Hello Mchain enthusiasts!

We're excited to announce the addition of the Contributor Guidelines article in the Community category of Mchain Docs.

Why should you check it out?

  • If you want to contribute to our documentation, this guide is a must-read.
  • You'll learn about best practices and recommended procedures for engaging with and enhancing our knowledge base.
  • It's a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with the Mchain community actively.

Take the first step towards contributing: Contributor Guidelines.

We look forward to your contributions!

We're thrilled to announce the addition of a glossary page to the Mchain Documentation. This page curates and defines essential terms, ensuring that newcomers and seasoned crypto enthusiasts can easily navigate the MAR platform. Whether you're looking for in-depth explanations or quick refreshers, our glossary is the place to be!

Greetings, Mchain community!

We're thrilled to announce a significant update to the Mchain Documentation. A brand new section under Learn has been released, dedicated to MAR ERC20.

This section offers comprehensive details on the MAR ERC20 token:

  • Token Features: Understand the unique characteristics of the MAR ERC20 token and how it stands out in the crypto space.

  • Integration with Metamask: A step-by-step guide on adding the MAR ERC20 token to your Metamask wallet, ensuring a seamless experience for our users.

  • Interacting on Uniswap: Dive deep into how you can trade, provide liquidity, or explore the MAR token on Uniswap, one of the most popular decentralized exchanges on the Ethreum blockchain.

Our goal with this update is to provide clarity and ease of access to our community to ensure everyone can make the most out of the MAR ERC20 token.

Stay tuned for more updates, and we invite you to explore the new section in our documentation.

Stay sailing with Mchain!

Explore MAR ERC20 in Learn Section

This section offers an in-depth guide on migrating from Mchain v1 to Mchain v2. As the process unfolds, we will continuously update and incorporate essential information to ensure a seamless transition for our users. Stay tuned and ensure you check back for the latest updates!

Explore Mchain v1 Holders in Learn Section

Ahoy, mariners! As we embark on this transformative journey through the turbulent waves of cryptography with Mchain, we're thrilled to introduce the maiden entry in our logbook — a testament to our collective voyage.

Today, we raise our metaphorical anchor and venture into the vast ocean of cryptographic information. As explorers of the digital age, it's only fitting that we maintain a logbook, much like the ship captains of old. This space, our very own digital "ship's log", will capture significant milestones, updates, and discoveries related to Mchain and the broader world of cryptography.

Why a Logbook?​

Every great journey deserves to be documented. A logbook serves not just as a record but as a beacon for others to follow, understand our trajectory, and, perhaps, embark on their own adventures. Here at Mchain, we believe in transparency, continual learning, and community engagement. Through this logbook, we aim to:

  • Chronicle our progression and the evolution of Mchain Docs.
  • Share insights and best practices from the realm of cryptography.
  • Engage with our community, seeking feedback and fostering collaboration.

What's Next for Mchain Docs?​

We're at the cusp of many breakthroughs. In the coming weeks, expect detailed tutorials, deep dives into complex cryptographic concepts, and exciting integrations.

As we set forth, remember that every journey encounters its fair share of storms and calm seas. However, armed with knowledge and a shared sense of purpose, we're confident of navigating through it all.

Our ship has set sail, and with the guidance of stars and the strength of our community, we're bound for great horizons. Stay tuned to our logbook for regular updates and insights. Here's to the uncharted waters ahead and the treasures we're yet to discover with Mchain!