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Announcement: New Development of Mchain - Get Ready for the Future!

We are excited to announce that Mchain is developing a new blockchain, Mchain v2, which will bring together the appropriate features further to drive the growth and potential of our platform. This new version will allow us to enhance the scalability, security, and efficiency of Mchain, preparing us to face the challenges and opportunities of the future.

We want to ensure that all our users and holders of the MAR cryptocurrency are informed and have the opportunity to participate in this exciting transition. As a holder of the MAR cryptocurrency on the Mchain v1 blockchain, you can choose whether to migrate your coins to the new Mchain v2 blockchain or keep them on Mchain v1.

Suppose you are interested in participating in this migration and taking advantage of the benefits of the new blockchain. In that case, we invite you to complete the following form to join the list of individuals interested in the coin swap. This list will help us communicate with you and provide more information about the migration process.

In the first phase of the migration, you will receive the MAR token on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing you to hold your assets while Mchain v2 is being developed securely. In phase 2, you can transfer these tokens to the new Mchainv2 blockchain and participate in activities such as staking or becoming a block validator.

We are working diligently to build a solid foundation for Mchain v2 and developing a comprehensive whitepaper detailing the new technology and roadmap milestones. Additionally, we are creating an exclusive community group for development, where MAR v1 holders will be among the first to access privileged information about this exciting upgrade.

Mchain is committed to providing an exceptional user experience and maintaining clear and transparent communication with our community. As we progress in the development of Mchain v2, we will be delighted to share more updates and details about this exciting evolution.

Stay tuned for future communications, and join us on this exciting journey towards the future of Mchain! Together, we will create an even more powerful and transformative platform.

Thank you for being part of Mchain!

The Mchain Team

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