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MAR ERC20 Specifications

The MAR token will operate as a ERC20 token during its early phase on Ethereum blockchain.

Total Supply & Token Decimals

The total amount of MAR ERC20 tokens created is 110,000,000.

The MAR ERC20 token has a precision of 18 decimals.

Contract Address

The address of the deployed contract is 0x4343D80eF5808490a079AA0907FFdC9373C7a4Dd.

MAR ERC20 Contract Addresses by Network


NetworkContract Address
Ethereum Mainnet0x4343D80eF5808490a079AA0907FFdC9373C7a4Dd
Polygon POS0x3Ad33b55740e4E3A7073ac32e7467bb3A566Ea8d
Polygon zkEVM0x88940E23Eaf2e7077d86a89fC0d3a69fcDF9d4C6


NetworkContract Address
Goerli Testnet0x4343D80eF5808490a079AA0907FFdC9373C7a4Dd
Mumbai Testnet0xF0F65D18c59da5Ed05f8F5b97bCadA933CB4e054
zkEVM Testnet0x6891af56d293983ED505344657D83AE1954a2e24

Burn Address

The designated burn address for MAR ERC20 is 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000.