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Add MAR ERC20 to Metamask

This guide'll walk you through adding the MAR ERC20 token to your Metamask wallet.


  • Ensure you have the Metamask extension installed on your browser. If you need help, you can download it from the official website.
  • Have your Metamask wallet set up with a secure password and backup seed phrase.
  • Copy the correct MAR ERC20 contract address to your clipboard.

Steps to Add MAR ERC20 to Metamask

  1. Open Metamask: Click on the Metamask extension icon on your browser to open it.

  2. Select a Network: Metamask is configured for the Ethereum Mainnet by default. If you want to add MAR on the Polygon PoS network, you can easily add this network to Metamask by following this guide.

  3. Add Token:

    • Click on the Menu (often represented by three horizontal lines on the top left).
    • Choose Add Token from the dropdown.
  4. Custom Token:

    • Navigate to the Custom Token tab.
    • You'll need to enter the MAR token contract address (make sure to get this from the official Mchain website or a trusted source to avoid scams).
    • Once you've entered the contract address, the other fields, like Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision, should autofill. If not, enter Mchain Token for the Token Name, enter MAR for the Token Symbol and 18 for Decimals.
  5. Add and Confirm:

    • Click the Next button to see a summary of the MAR token details.
    • Confirm the details are correct and click Add Tokens.
  6. View MAR in Metamask: After adding, MAR should now be visible in your token list within Metamask. The balance should also reflect here if you have any MAR ERC20 tokens.

You've successfully added the MAR ERC20 token to your Metamask wallet! Now, you can easily receive, store, and send MAR tokens using Metamask.