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Mchain Telegram Group Guidelines

1. Respect and Courtesy: All members must treat each other with respect and courtesy. Insults, personal attacks, or offensive speech towards other group members will not be tolerated.

2. Related Topics: The group is focused on discussing and exchanging ideas about the MAR cryptocurrency. Therefore, it's expected that messages and debates be directly related to this topic. Avoid deviating to other unrelated subjects.

3. Appropriate Content: Inappropriate, offensive, defamatory, or illegal content is not allowed. This includes messages, links, images, or any material that violates common standards of decency and legality.

4. No Spam: Repetitive postings, unsolicited promotional messages, or any other form of spam are prohibited. To promote a project or service related to Mchain cryptocurrency, consult with the group administrators first.

5. Truthfulness and Accuracy: When sharing information or news about Mchain or MAR cryptocurrency, verifying sources and providing accurate details is essential. Avoid spreading baseless rumours or misleading information that can harm the community.

6. Financial Advice: This group is not a place to offer professional financial advice. Refrain from blindly relying on the information provided by other group members. If you need financial advice, consult with a qualified professional.

7. No Phishing or Scams: Any attempt at phishing, scams, or other malicious activities is strictly prohibited. Do not share personal information, private keys, or sensitive data in the group.

8. Respect Privacy: Respect the privacy of other members. Please do not post personal information of other users without their consent.

9. Avoid FUD and FOMO: Do not spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) nor promote fear of missing out (FOMO) in the group. Discussion should be balanced and based on grounded information.

10. Administrators and Decisions: Respect the decisions and directions of the group administrators. They are there to maintain order and the integrity of the community.

11. User Expulsion: The group administrators reserve the right to expel any user who repeatedly violates the community guidelines. Severe or repeated violations can result in immediate expulsion without prior notice. Expulsion may be enforced to preserve the harmony and purpose of the group.

Please note that these rules are designed to create a respectful and constructive environment in the Mchain Telegram group. Adhering to them will contribute to a positive experience for all members.