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Mchain v1 Holders

This section offers an in-depth guide on migrating from Mchain v1 to Mchain v2. As the process unfolds, we will continuously update and incorporate essential information to ensure a seamless transition for our users.

📄️ Check Your v1 Balance

If you are a user of Mchain and preparing to migrate to version 2 of the chain, it is essential to ensure that your wallet.dat has a balance before proceeding with the migration. To help with this, we provide a simple tool that allows you to verify the balance of your MAR addresses without sharing your private key. Additionally, if you only need to check the balance of a single address, you can use our tool at to get that information. However, this guide is specifically designed for a bulk address query from your wallet.dat. Using an HTML file and the ‘dumpwallet’ command in the Mchain Core desktop program (similar to Bitcoin Core), you can process your wallet.dat locally and query the balance of your addresses.